Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sex, sex & even more sex!

Well there must be a lot of it about, at the start of the holidays I needed to make 2 baby blankets, that number has now increased to 4!

Because one of the blankets needed imminently I sat & watched TV last night whilst crocheting busily.

I watched an episode of '24 hours in police custody', not something I've watched before but the program followed the cases of 2 men who had been downloading child porn, I felt so sorry for their families as their lives were turned upside down.

I then watched 'A very British Brothel' ,I found this interesting as the brothel owner was very down to earth, and I found the jacuzzi full of coleslaw quite funny.

I personally believe that prostitution should be legalised and licensed. It would go a long way towards getting rid of the crack whores and the people who are trafficked for prostitution. I know it wouldn't solve all the problems as there will always be people who are looking for something illegal.


Tracey said...

We watched both those last night too.
I agree with you on both counts: very shocked at the first programme, and felt very sorry for the families of both men.
As for the brothel - what a hoot!
That was proper laugh out loud tv! (It's going to put me off coleslaw for a while though...)

50 and counting said...

I don't want any details about what happened in the coleslaw!

I think prostitution should be legalized. Tax those workers like the rest of us are taxed. it would go a long way to keep under aged people out of the business. But then there will always be a black market for what isn't legal

cumbrian said...

I believe prostitution is actually legal in UK, it's soliciting that's illegal?

It's much more open and accepted in some European countries, who hasn't heard of the Red Light District in Amsterdam? And every Spanish town has a brothel.

The difference is that the governments of these more enlightened countries make money from the tax levied on the working girls and owners of the establishments.

As one of the girls commented, she loves her work, enjoys sex and makes a paying profession of it. And one of the regulars thought that buying the services of the girls was no different to employing a bricklayer.

The blind spot we seem to have in UK is that sex is somehow dirty, something to be swept under the carpet and not mentioned.

Personally I'd like to see a legal brothel in every town, either run by the council or regulated by them in a similar manner to any other High Street business.

It's a huge industry, generating a lot of money, and the sooner the UK government wakes up to that fact and stops punishing the working girls who are forced onto the(dangerous) streets because they have no suitable premises to operate from, the better. Everybody benefits - the girls get a safe, secure and comfortable working environment; the punters get anonymity; the councils get rates and the government gets tax.
The human traffickers and pimps might be a bit upset though?

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