Saturday, 22 August 2015

It's a Grand Prix weekend

That means beer & burgers for hubby and uninterrupted crochet for me or I may spend some time designing some business cards.
I've prepped 4 portions of minced beef SW style to be used for cottage pie or spag bol, they are in the freezer, along with 3lbs of carrots that hubby picked and I prepped.
I've used nearly all the potatoes that hubby dug a few weeks ago so he will dig some more soon.


Angela said...

GP weekend here too - just served him his lunch as he watches Qualifying on TV, and same tomorrow [the ONLY time he gets to eat Sunday lunch in front of TV] I did eat my lunch staring intently at British fans [one of my friends is in Spa] but I too am planning some serious craft today!

Marlene jones said...

Daughter and SIL is there, can't think of a worse place to be.

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