Friday, 28 August 2015

Will someone please turn the bloody lights off

The local council, in their wisdom, have changed all the local street lights. The light are so bright it's like living in Stalag 13 with the search lights beaming out.
As we live on a corner we have street lights front and back and although we have blackout blinds in 2 of our bedrooms a lot of light shows round the edges. We don't have blackout blinds in the 3rd bedroom or the bathroom and both these rooms have a glass panel over the door.
I have a roll of black out fabric, so I will spend some time today trying to improve the situation.


Mim said...

You have my sympathy.I was only thinking the other day that they are brighter than they need to be. Add in the Christmas illuminations that a lot of houses have now and black out blinds are a necessity.

Marlene jones said...

We have the same problem, our council has renewed their street lamps and they are bright, we are hoping once every where is finished they will dim them or even turn them off.

Anonymous said...

Check to see if your local council will fit shades to streetlights that cause a light nuisance - mine does and it made a huge difference. I phoned the council dept responsible for streetlighting who were very helpful and got the work was done surprisingly quickly. Goodness knows why the lights are designed as they are - there's no need for the streets to be lit like operating theatres IMO.

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