Sunday, 16 August 2015

In a spin

There is a lot going on.

Today I've cooked some crustless mini quiches in a muffin tin. I added some of our HG chili, bloody hell, I removed all the seeds and they still blow my head off I've roasted some cauliflower and made a large fruit salad and cooked a tray of chicken wings for hubby.

The whole idea with Slimming World is that you don't have to cook separate meals if you are following their diet, they hadn't reckoned with someone as fussy as my beloved L&M! The only SW meal he will eat is a roast dinner.

The funeral arrangements are still being argued over, there is a family meeting being called one day next week.

I'm burying my head in the sand and concentrating on my crochet and my new venture. 

I've signed up to do Neal's Yard party plan, I have my own website and 2 parties booked, I'm really looking forward to it.


Lyssa Medana said...

Good luck with sorting the funeral. If there is a minster of organised religion present then they may well be able to knock heads together. Otherwise focus on the diet, it makes more sense! WS xxx

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Lyssa, the funeral celebrant is humanist, TBH, nothing short of a nuclear bomb would distract the family from arguing, so it's definitely crochet for me.

Carol said...

I'm sure you will do well with the new job. Funerals and wedding seem to bring out the worst in people, don't they. Hope it all goes well in the end.

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