Saturday, 21 January 2017

Car again

I've had to buy a new battery for my car, more money just when we are trying to save, never mind, at least we had the money to pay for the battery.

I'm making another batch of lentil curry for my lunches next week, something warm and spicy stops me buying food from the canteen.

DGD Eileen stayed last night, but because the car needed a new battery we weren't able to collect her from school. When she came out of class and saw her mum she burst into tears and said 'I thought it was my turn to go to Nana's this week'. Mum quickly reassured her and explained that it was her turn and dropped her off at our house with my L&M whilst I was getting a new battery fitted.

This morning  Eileen and I made sprinkle cakes for her to take home, just ordinary fairy cakes with icing and sprinkles on. I need to buy some more sprinkles as all I have left are chocolate ones and she prefers more colourful ones. I will look in B&M next time I'm passing, they are quite cheap in there.

I shall have a rummage in the freezer and make a rough meal plan of what we are eating next week. My plan is never set in stone, it depends a bit on what we fancy when we get in. One evening we will have an omelette as I have loads of eggs in the freezer.
I have potatoes, onions, cabbage and carrots in the fridge, enough to last the week I'm sure.


Eeek said...

How do you freeze eggs?

Hard up Hester said...

I beat them and freeze them in small pots

Sheila said...

Cars are an absolute pain up the bum aren't they?
Always something needing doing at them but unfortunately it's hard to get by without one-x-

Sharon Koole said...

It's always great to know you're loved so much! I had to buy a new battery for my car when daughter returned it. Sigh.

Clare said...

Oh wow, I never knew you could freeze beaten eggs 😮, thanks for that Hester x

galant said...

I learn something from you every day, Hester ... I didn't know you could freeze eggs!
Margaret P

Joy said...

What is it with coloured sprinkles?
My granddaughter wants them on everything, suitable or not.

My son, when young, refused to eat anything with sprinkles on. He reckoned they were 'germs'.


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