Sunday, 8 January 2017

More displacement activity here

I have kept on top of the fridge contents since Christmas, I cleared out the last of the less than fresh veg by making the curry yesterday
Today I have sorted out the pull out larder cupboard and one shelf is now empty.
I threw away one sachet of three year old dried yeast, a lasagne sheet and a few dried raisins that had fallen into the base of the unit.
Everything else is within date or it's stuff that doesn't have a date on.
Note to self, 'Don't buy any more flour'.
I also have a bag of stuff to go to the CS next time I'm passing.


Sharon Koole said...

Clearing out my cupboards/freezer is on my list of things to do. I have fallen behind. I was trying to spend as much time with daughter before she left and things have got neglected. Tomorrow I will be back on the wagon!

bbarna said...

Keep bread making yeast in the freezer- it will last for ages. I am working through my freezer and pantry as well. j

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