Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Mutter mutter curse curse.

When DGD was here at the weekend we went to the local shop to get some bread and bagels.
She grabbed a packet of bagels and asked if they were the ones I wanted, I said no and pointed to the ones I did want, she asked my what the difference was and I showed her the item price and explained the price difference.
On the way out of the shop she saw some plastic toys and started to tell me that her grandpa, my ex, has bought a 3D printer and she's hoping he will make her something nice with it.
I said through gritted teeth, 'Has he, that's nice.'
I have no idea how much a 3D printer costs but I'm sure he will have a top of the range one.
DGD continued to tell me that her other grandpa was very rich as he could buy anything he wanted and he probably didn't buy the cheapest bagels. She also asked why her grandpa is so rich.
I was very restrained and I didn't say 'Because the thieving bastard stole all my money'.
I just smiled and said 'I don't know, maybe you should ask him'.
I had to agree that he probably didn't buy cheap bagels and he probably isn't eating 34p basics sardines on toast for his tea as I am today!
Mutter mutter, curse curse!


Joy said...

Karma will get him in the end. Unfortunately, Karma never works to our timetable. Even more unfortunately you may not be there to smirk/jeer.

It took 35 years but my ex ended up in prison for the rest of his miserable life.

Lyssa Medana said...

hugs x

Sharon Koole said...

Good restraint! It will come back to him in the end.

e said...

Best to you and it is wonderful that you restrain yourself with your granddaughter...I hope you can enjoy your tea.

Anonymous said...

You handled that well. I had to hear how poor my ex was...as though that was my fault. Bum did not want to work, just collect his military pension because he had " already worked for 20 years". Social security was the cherry on top! He died last year. He owned three cars, three properties and lotsa cash. The kids made out okay.

Treaders said...

My ex left me with €300,000 worth of debt. His pension is bigger than my salary and he called me on Monday (our son is getting married - otherwise I have no contact) and he was telling me how he was struggling financially! I just bit my tongue because if I got into it I would let rip. Just glad he buggered off to the States with his tart. Anna

Hard up Hester said...

I would never upset my grandchildren by badmouthing my ex but as they get older some have begun to realise the cause of the disparity so with them my comments may be tinged with sarcasm, but it is always said with a smile so as not to cause any problems.

kathy said...

You are a treasure! I am sure that your grand children know that you love them and that is worth all the money in the world. You actions show that you rise above the situation like cream.


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