Wednesday, 18 January 2017

I want to thwack someone

A day of high's and low's today, I was in the courtyard at work today when a child barged past me, I stopped him and told him he wasn't allowed in that area.
'Prove it' he said 'I want you to phone a member of staff and prove I'm not allowed here'.
I showed him my ID and said 'I am a member of staff'.
'Well I don't recognise you' he replied.
So I said 'Well I recognise you and you are in trouble'.
At this he told me to fuck off and ran away, to my great joy our assistant head appeared and when I described the child she knew exactly who I meant and deprived him of the rest of his lunch break. I'd still rather have thwacked him.

I've had my car looked at and repaired £20 to have part of my exhaust replaced. It's a local garage, a bit rough and ready but they are very good. I usually see the owner (I looked after his dog last year when he went home to Poland for a wedding), but he wasn't there today.
The office was locked up but a  huge man with a beard was sat in a car, he didn't appear to speak any English apart from 'OK' but I handed over my keys.
It was only as I was sat on the bus coming home I suddenly wondered if he was an employee or just a passing car thief.
I text my son who used to work there and he reassured me, 'That will be his mechanic, he's huge but very shy'. What a relief!


Sharon Koole said...

Glad it wasn't a too costly repair and glad you handed your keys to an employee and not a thief. Kids drive me crazy sometimes. I used to volunteer a lot when my kids were little and there was always one that said 'you're not my mum, you can't tell me what to do'. Sadly some of them just aren't used to being told what to do (or what not to do). It shows in some adults too lol.

Lyssa Medana said...

I know it's not fashionable, but some kids would really improve with a thwack. x

Sheila said...

I couldn't work in a school these days....well not unless they condone murder commited on a regular

galant said...

Yes, a thwack would do a lot of them good. When I was at school were even told off if we even pushed up our sleeves to be fashionable; we were told we looked like washerwoman! And we were told that if we didn't work hard and pass our exams we'd end up serving behind the counter in Woolworths. Well Woolworths itself has gone down the pan, but I don't suppose a teacher would be able to speak about a company like that today, either, we're so darned politically correct.
Glad the exhaust didn't cost more than it did or that the chap didn't go off with your car!
Margaret P

e said...

So glad to know your car didn't get stolen...that had me both laughing and wondering lil I read the last lines...As for foul-mouthed little miscreants, your head has the right idea...if you can't thwack'em, make them miss lunch...


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