Friday, 13 January 2017

Having an affair

There is a thread on MSE about people cheating on their partners. The original poster seems to be convinced his partners is cheating on him as the Daily Wail ran an article that said 90% of women have thought about cheating.

Because of this and because a previous gf cheated on him, he checks her handbag, mobile and laptop for evidence of her betrayal.

I feel sorry for his wife living under such a cloud of suspicion.

My L&M was cheated on by a previous wife but it hasn't made him distrustful, he trusts me as I trust him.

Today though I have reason to believe that one of us may be having an affair I'm just not sure which one of us it is!

He has been having problems with his mobile phone, every day from Christmas day until 6th January it said it was boxing day. 

On 7th of January it said it was new years day and it still says the same thing.

My phone came up with a reminder today that there is  room booked in a local pub from Thursday until Sunday.

I didn't even know the pub had rooms, I certainly can see no need to stay in a pub 10 minutes away for 4 days, and why would I get a reminder on Friday for something I should have done on Thursday.

I'm totally confused, I've never set foot inside the pub though 12 years ago I did work nearby.

I shall check with my L&M just in case one of his reminders has come up on my phone.


justjill said...

That so made me laugh ! How weird tho !

Sharon Koole said...

LOL that is funny about your phone! My husband swears he rings me and my phone doesn't ring or show up on my history, but it does on his.

As for the affair thing I would hate to have my partner check on everything that I did. That wouldn't make me feel good or trusted at all, after a while I would think it would push you away. He's reading too much into that article!

Frugal in the Valley said...

My phone rings random numbers in my address book....

Joy said...

These phones are a law unto themselves.

Just after my eldest son's marriage broke up my phone kept ringing and when I answered there was another phone ringing. Eventually a man answered and we had an amusing conversation asking each other what they wanted. This happened several times until the realisation that the other chap was my DiL's new boyfriend. This brought a speedy end to our friendly conversations!
I still don't know how it happened but I bought a new phone very quickly.

Lyssa Medana said...

That phone stuff sounds weird. However I've long since given up expecting sense from phones. I swear mine has dementia as it keeps forgetting things.

Long ago, DH and I agreed that if we were going to have an affair we would have it with each other. It makes life a lot easier.

Jimmy loof said...

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