Thursday, 5 January 2017

Chirky Chirky Crick Crick

Today has been full of stupid.

A very confusing conversation with a colleague telling me all about his relatives who live in Crick in Wales, last time I visited Crick it was in Northamptonshire.
Turns out his relatives live in Chirk, which he believes is pronounced Crick!

Another colleague spent 15 minutes trying to explain to me how to do my job, she wants some documents enlarged onto smaller sheets of paper. Not possible, I cannot enlarge something and make it smaller. She thought if she explained it slowly and loudly I'd eventually understand. My final comment of 'I'm not a sodding magician' seemed to do the trick.

We have a big event on tonight, I still don't have a copy of the paperwork needed for it, maybe I'll be expected to print it retrospectively!

Just to prove I'm also stupid, I kept trying to kill an ant that was running across my desk today. I eventually realised someone had left a sheet of clear acetate on my desk. The 'ant' was the reflection of birds flying across the courtyard outside.

And finally a comment from a colleague at another school, 'I've just printed of 25 copies of a 144 page document entitled 'Print less, recycle more' a guide to recycling in schools'. She is the only one who appreciates the irony.


Anonymous said...

I work in a paperless environment where documents are scanned in a separate location and are available online as PDFs for 14 months. (Financial records are supposed to be retained for 6 years AFAIUI - - presumably the hard copy is)

Because of the software limitations for one of the procedures we carry out (about 40% of our work) we have to print out the PDFs.

We aren't allowed to store them - they have to be securely destroyed so when it comes to the next stage - they have to be printed again (I'm not talking single sheets either - some are bank statements & payment records going back years - 20+ pages isn't unusual) and then securely destroyed .... and when it comes to the next stage or the case is revisited .... I'm sure you can guess!

I sometimes despair ... other days I simply countdown to retirement (which makes it semi tolerable)


Sheila said...

Oh gawd you're surrounded by them.
I shouldn't worry about the ant is obviously stress from dealing with idiots all day-x-

Joy said...

Nothing in the educational world would surprise me Hester.

I once had a profoundly deaf child in my reception class and asked for help thinking that there might be some course I could take.
The help came winging back. "Put his name in red at the end of the register."
I think that was the same official that "helped" me when I had 45x 5yearolds packed into a classroom so small that if a child wanted to go to the loo, half the class had to leave the room to give them enough room to get out. Her professional advice? " Put all the desks and chairs out in the playground and let the children work on the floor."

Numerous copies of a thick booklet telling people to print less?

Par for the course.

Marilyn Bennett said...

You crack me up Hester, I love your sense of humour. Only you can make a silly situation funny. I think you have missed your calling, I think you should have been a stand up comic. Keep it coming, it cheers my day no end. Marilyn, Western Australia.

e said...

I sympathize and also think the ant-thing is the least of your worries with that lot surrounding you...Happy wishes for the New Year.

galant said...

The 'ant' was a laugh-out-loud moment here!
Oh yes, you crack me up, Hester, as you do Marilyn!
I think you deserve a medal for putting up with all the stupid.
Margaret P

Lyssa Medana said...

And how long before the recycling handbook is out of date and needs to be recyled?

As for Chirk - of all the names in Wales that can be mispronounced, that doesn't even make the top 100! (Uncle was in a care home in Ruabon, just north of Chirk, for a few weeks and Chirk is one of the easier places to attempt). x

(thank you for the nice comments on the writing - much appreciated!)

Mair Dyer said...

There is a Crick in Wales , it is just outside of Chepstow on the way to Caerwent . It' s just a tiny place !
So sorry about your great niece, so sad when they are so young .

Hard up Hester said...

I didn't know that Mair, thank you.


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