Wednesday, 25 January 2017

How old!!

They say things go in threes don't they.
First the exhaust needed repairing on my car.
I had that done and then the battery needed replacing.
I got a new battery and had it fitted.
Once I had it fitted the car radio needed the code put in to make it work.
Only problem is I don't have the code, there was no handbook with the car and so the information wasn't available.
I had to take the car to a Nissan garage to get the code, it means removing the radio to find a security number that then means the radio code can be retrieved from the Nissan database.
It took about three hours, it should have taken about half an hour.
It seems that my car was built in 1930 and the Nissan database doesn't have codes that far back!
On top of this it made my ears bleed, my beloved is convinced that if he'd taken the car in this wouldn't have happened, it must be all my fault and he moaned and bitched about it for the entire three hours.


galant said...

I'd not have bothered having the radio sorted out, Hester. Just think of the peace and quiet in the car without it! We have a car radio/CD player (it was state of the art when the car was built in 2000 but I expect things are far superior now!) and we rarely have it on, only when we've come out of Waitrose with or 'free' coffee (I say 'free' as surely we pay for it in the goods?) and then sit and drink our coffee and listen to the radio for all of ten minutes about once a week, if that. I just love peace and quiet these days. Everywhere there is noise and a lot of it isn't necessary. Even in hospital waiting rooms, doctors' waiting rooms and on Monday in our dental surgery, we just couldn't get away from noise (i.e. pop musak!) We have stopped going to one rather nice coffee bar/bistro because of the loud musak - we got fed up with asking them to turn it down because with the clatter of the crockery and cutlery, the noise of the coffee machine and all the sound reverberating off all the modern hard surfaces we couldn't hear ourselves think let alone hold a conversation. And of course, people had to shout to be heard, adding to the noise! There was no getting away from it. It was even piped into the loo!
End of rant!
Margaret P

Hard up Hester said...

I didn't do it for the radio, although I like to listen to it, I did it so I can use my satnav as I'm going away in a couple of weeks and without my satnav I can get lost in a car park.

Joy said...

Oh how glad I am to hear you say that. I have absolutely no sense of direction. None at all. You know that comment a geography teacher wrote on a boys school report, "Does well to find his way home." Well that could be written about me.
I really need a Sat nav hung round my neck.

My blood runs cold when I m filling in a form and meet "Enter serial number." WHAT?

Winters End Rambler said...

Well I would tell beloved hubby that he is only allowed to have opinions on things he can actually do...
So if he can't drive he should not be having opinions about your driving...
If he can't cook he'd better not moan about what is on his plate...
If he can't do laundry heaven forbid he moans about a crease in anything! x


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