Tuesday, 11 February 2014

An apology

After yesterday's run in & my email, I have received a lovely & apologetic  email from the children's school, the children's parents have been informed (I get the impression the parents don't believe my complaints as the school has refused to tell the parents the name of the person who had the temerity to remonstrate with their children!) & all the children have written a letter of apology & will be delivering the letters to me at school tomorrow.
Gill, they were only junior school children, I will only tackle older kids if I know them by name. 
The floods nearest to me were on't telly today, we were visited by Ed Milliband & Alok Sharma, our local MP, as I believe that politicians are like nappies & both need changing regularly for the same reason, it's probably just as well I was at work!

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Pam said...

I caught a bit of Milliband pontificating on the news, it's enough to drive you into the arms of the raving monster loony party. There are no excuses that will appease those who have been flooded out. If rivers are not dredged the water will spread out, if dykes are not kept free of reeds the same thing happens. I heard one pillock saying that some of his constituents had been flooded for weeks! I wonder if he offered a room to any of them.


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