Monday, 3 February 2014


I don't usually gamble, I don't bet on the horses or play online bingo or poker, but today I have taken a gamble. I bought some unwanted items from a colleague & I've put them on ebay. Wish me luck, I won't make big bucks, but a few extra £££ would be nice


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Good Luck with that. I'm about to have ago at selling something on ebay this month, which is a first for me. have you sold on ebay before?

Angela said...

All the best! I have made a little on eBay - but not much. But every little helps. Your parcel is in the post!! blessings xx

Snitty Kitty said...

FID, I have sold on ebay before, but I tend to sell for a while & then I get a really difficult buyer, one claimed not to have rec'd the item I sent, despite having signed for it. One claimed the item I sent arrived broken, but refused to send a pic of the damage or to return the item. It can just be so much hassle that I give up for a while & then start again.

joy said...

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Leslie Lim said...

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