Sunday, 9 February 2014

Three weeks 'til pay day

I didn't cook proper meals last week as hubby was on lates & doesn't want a meal at 10 o'clock when he gets home. He is doing 2 weeks of days next as someone else in his team wants to do 2 weeks of earlies. This means  he works Tuesday to Saturday so no silly o'clock starts, meals at 6ish every evening & egg on toast for breakfast Tuesday to Saturday, full cooked breakfast Sunday & Monday my L&M is a creature of habit where food is concerned. 
I still have lots of sliced cooked meat in the freezer but I'd like to stretch that through until March, so what else have I got?  I need to make 19 main meals for 2 people
2 portions of Meatloaf
Minced beef, enough to make cottage pie & spag bol
White fish, enough to make 3 fish pies, but I need smoked haddock or salmon & hard boiled eggs to add to this.
2 Pork chops
2 small pieces of steak
3 bags of shin of beef
4 bags of  steak & kidney
3 portions of bacon scraps
6 thick burgers
12 sausages, 8 will be needed for breakfast.
I have a pork joint but will save that for next month if possible.

What do I need? Eggs as my next delivery isn't until 16th, maybe some potatoes & other veg though we do still have carrots & sprouts from the garden.

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