Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Old fashioned shopping list

This morning after dropping hubby at work I drove to the village, first to the garage to get a brake light & my windscreen wipers replaced. DS did the work & his boss said he could put the items on his account so I paid nothing, DS will pay for the lamp & blades at cost, it took him about 20 minutes & I'll make him a slap up meal on night soon.
Whilst waiting for my car I walked to the local butchers. they also sell veg, I wasn't going to buy any meat this month, but I bought 4 huge slices of belly pork, each one sufficient for a 2 meals for hubby, I also bought loose potatoes & mushrooms, I spent £4.88. Then I went to the supermarket next door & bought a bag of soda crystals & a bottle of Worcester sauce, total cost £2.24. Quite an assortment of old fashioned, basic items, the potatoes will last the 9 days until payday & the belly pork will last through to next month. I shall make a lentil roast later today & freeze it in portions to eat when my L&M is eating pork. I shall also make cottage pie using up my last bag of mince & stretch it be adding oats, lentils, mushrooms & onions.

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