Saturday, 22 February 2014

Shopping & yarn

Enjoy your time with your daughter, Carol. I love half term because I get to do all the things I'm usually too knackered to do, silly things like putting all my tea towels through a boil wash on the hob, opening the bedroom windows every morning & airing the bed properly.
Today  need to tidy up the front garden & then to warm up I'm sorting through my baby yarn stash. I have some random or variegated yarn that doesn't crochet well, it  just looks messy, this will not be wasted, I now have (shhh 3, yes three) grandchildren on the way & so I will knit baby jackets, hats & bootees, but no more bloody socks!
The other yarn will be made into granny square blankets, I have more blue blankets than pink ones, so that needs to be remedied, currently I'm working on a green, yellow & white one using a green & yellow variegated yarn that does crochet well, I may need to buy some white yarn to finish this one as I don't have much white, but one of our local charity shops sells a few colours so I won't have to go far to get some.

I went to do my weekly shop after dropping my L&M at work today, £6.41, last of the big spenders, that's me. My L&M is on late's this week so doesn't want an evening meal, I've made a batch of ready meals for him using some more of the left over turkey. All I bought was a tin of pilchards, 58p, coleslaw, 67p & Pink lady apples, £5.26! I could have bought cheaper apples, but I love Pink Lady & they are huge, I find the cheaper ones are smaller & I eat 2 & so negate any savings.
My L&M will have a fully loaded burger inna bun later, I'll have my burger loaded with lettuce from the garden & coleslaw. I used to make my own coleslaw when there were 6 of us to feed, but now I'm the only one who eats it it's not worth it.

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Pam said...

Your crochet looks pretty, as usual, I have made a start and am about to attempt a scarf, I figure that once it is wrapped round my neck any "iffy" bits wont show. The Pilchards were a good price, I haven't seen them for les than 90p. My shopping today was 4 pints of skimmed milk and a bag of carrots, £1.65. Sweet but I did a big 2 part shop with AF as well. All those babies to look forward to, I am jealous.

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