Friday, 21 February 2014

Half Term has been busy

WS, I'm OK with larger socks but 5 needles when the finished sock is only a couple of inches long, is a nightmare.
Keth, as Frugal Freesia says, booties are much easier to knit, much less shaping.

It's been busy at times this week, I've had a couple of visitors, one a work colleague, one an ex work colleague. One of them arrived in a terrible state, she'd been to the opticians & Dr's and they had discovered a hole in her macular, unfortunately she'd been given no information & no reassurance, she isn't computer literate so couldn't google it (mind you, that can be a double edged sword at times) so was assuming she'd wake up one morning in total darkness having gone blind overnight. I was able to reassure her, hopefully she'll get some sleep now as she'd spent 2 nights pacing the floor in terror.

On Monday my L&M wasn't at work so we went into town using our bus passes, we went to Lakeland & he bought me an icing set & an apple slicer/corer, I was very restrained as he would have bought me the entire shop if I'd wished. We then went to a pub & had the Monday club lunch, ham, egg & chips, just under £5 for the 2 of us, a lovely treat.

I've seen a lot of DD2 Lizzie & the DGD's. Lizzie has been unwell & has had hospital visits & all sorts, but she is feeling loads better now. Yesterday she took Eileen to the hospital for a hearing test, waste of time as Eileen wouldn't play the games all she would say is 'I'm not playing, I'm shyd'. Eileen didn't want to go to hospital, she wanted to stay at Nana's with Norah, I offered to make cakes for when she came back and all the way home she kept saying 'Nana's made me a cake' Lizzie was worried I might have forgotten, but Norah & I had been busy & made fairy cakes, chocolate cakes & flapjacks, enough cakes to last Lizzie & her brood a few days. Norah loved using my new icing set.

Yesterday I phoned about my pension, I'd asked to reduce my hours at work & had planned to start drawing my pension to compensate for the drop in wages. I've been refused & my line manager suggested I go back to the Dr's & ask for a certificate requesting reduced hours, but I'm feeling loads better so I'm happy to carry on full time. One of the reasons I wanted to reduce my hours was boredom, sometime I run out of work by 2 o'clock & I did explain this to my line manager, but if they are happy to pay me to sit & twiddle my thumbs every afternoon, then that is what I shall do!

I was on the phone for best part of an hour trying to claim my pension, & sometimes I thought the person I was dealing with didn't understand English. It seems it is so unusual for someone to have a younger husband & not to have claimed any previous benefit that she assumed I didn't understand her questions! I shall start to draw my pension in July this year.

I've sold a couple of items on eBay & a couple of blankets, I also made some more blankets & I'll post pics in another post. Today I need to photograph another few items and upload them on eBay.


keth said...

Gotcha, Hester - as i said to frugalfreesia on the last post, I'm not a knitter - can do a scarf and knit and perl and that's about it.. LOL.

frugal freesia said...

That lunch sounded very reasonable price for these days, lovely. It's nice not to have to cook sometimes.

Do you get a good price on ebay for your blankets if it's not too rude of me to ask?

I find ebay hit and miss. Sometimes stuff sells well and other times it's poor, for no obvious reason.

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