Monday, 10 February 2014

Growing webbed feet

Glad you all like my blankets. As Angela says I live near the Thames, the water levels are rising & the water has reached the end of my road, it is difficult to drive to work as there are cars parked everywhere because people's drives are flooded. Idiots are also driving too fast and soaking pedestrians & pavements alike.
I had a run in with some school children in the local shop this afternoon, 4 of them, still at junior school, the most appalling behaviour, I ended up telling them off & sending them out of the shop, I have complained to their school & hopefully their parents will be informed.
Catriona, no email from you, my addy is hope it works.


Angela said...

Keep safe. Wear your wellies, practise your front crawl!!

Well done for dealing with awful school children - I am sure shopkeepers have enough to contend with keeping stock dry.

Keep us posted about your weather situation. blessings xx

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Take Care in your part of the world. You remind me of my mother ( no greater compliment)she would confront young people with bad behaviour. I would worry about her being attacked, but it never happened and the young people were always suitably chastened!

frugal freesia said...

I have the bbc news on at the mo and it's all about the flooding and how the thames is overflowing so fingers crossed you are keeping yourself safe.
As usual, government not acting until damage has been done. They have just announced PM is having a press conference about the flooding this afternoon at 4.45.

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