Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Busy evening

So far this evening I've made 7 jerk chicken & veg rice ready meals for my L&M's lunches, though actually it's jerk turkey, using up Christmas leftovers, it's saves buying extra meat this month.
I've also made ten portions of cauliflower cheese as I bought a 4 pint bottle of milk & to cauliflowers for £1.26. I also used up a piece of  left over Roquefort cheese. Some of these will do for lunches for me, some will be used at the weekend. I made a large rice pudding as well.
I've also made some chocolate orange brownies to cheer up my colleagues at work.
I'm going to use up all the meat in the freezer before I buy any more, I have some mince, shin of beef, sliced roast beef, sliced roast pork , pork chops & lots of turkey. I'm sure it will last this month & hopefully part way into next month.


Anonymous said...

From Margir in Toronto
My you have been busy! I've been trying to do the same - just finished the last of the Christmas turkey and stuffing for lunch yesterday! Still working on the ham and the roast beef!

I haven't bought any meat since New Year and should get through February as well - although I will have to start cooking again instead of just using up items already prepared. But I know there are beef strips for stir frys, ground lamb for shepherd's pie, stwing meat, liver and a bit of bacon and sausage still to use up. No shopping for me!

frugal freesia said...

I'm currently eating from our old freezer ready for when I can get a new upright freezer. Not much buying shopping here at the moment.
Going to make some lemon curd tarts and a veggie pie for dinner tonight.

Linda Metcalf said...

Love reading of your cooking it all sounds so yummy. I used up all meats in the freezer and did a re-shop so now have all the packages divided and the meals planned. Feels good to use up and make do and as it's just the two of us it's a pretty easy do.

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