Saturday, 17 May 2014

More month than money

It's a long time between pay days this month, and next month will be tight as my L&M has signed up to the pension scheme that means he's losing 5.8% of his salary we will adjust but it always seems to hit hardest the first month, that is if it done correctly, there may be problems. 
The following month there is talk of moving our pay day, this will not go well, years of experience lead me to assume that the whole salary system will go tits up for a few months.
I'm doing a cheats roast dinner tomorrow, pork chops for my L&M with all the trimmings, he is on lates again next week & there are some ready meals in the freezer for his lunches. There is still plenty of food in the freezer, coley, salmon, minced beef, sausages & chops, I also have tins & packets of beans in the larder & money in the envelope for milk, eggs & bread. I need to keep the shopping bill as low as possible for the next few months just in case disaster strikes with the pay day change.
I went shopping today, I dropped my L&M at work, dropped off DGD, collected mad dog & DD, dropped DD at work & went to the bakers nearby, I bought 6 soft rolls, my L&M will eat anything if it is in a roll from the bakers. I also bought nectarines & a plantain, I like plantain but my L&M won't eat it. I'm now home with mad dog, who is a bit confused but happy enough, she keeps coming in from the garden for a reassuring cuddle & is doing a great job scaring the visiting cats away.

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Linda Metcalf said...

The big boys get you coming and going don't they? Retirement is having short pockets... :)

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