Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I used to make my L&M's ready meals (spicy chicken & rice) with chicken breasts, a few years ago I swapped to chicken thighs.
I swapped good steak for the butchers peppered steak & this is only on high days & holidays.
I've now swapped bacon rashers for bacon scraps.
I've swapped lamb chops for mis-shaped chops.
I buy the cheapest mince & stretch it as far as I can.
I can't afford to buy a decent strong cheese
I eat mostly vegetarian meals when my L&M is on the late shifts.
Sometimes I get really pissed off & I wonder what I'm going to give up next.


mother noah said...

At least sex is free . You won't have to give that up !!!

Frugal Queen said...

I wish you lived where I do, the butchers is an abbatoir outlet who sell supermarket over stock (they supply the supermarkets) they often sell rib eye steak for £1 each and best mince beef at £2.50 a kilo. The farmers sell spuds and veg at the side of the road life does mean we can get some food cheaper. It doesn't help your situation and so many families are suffocating with the cost of living

Sol said...

Hi there

I have found that recently chicken breasts have been cheaper than chicken thighs if you factor in the bone and the skin, into the weight. it didn't occur to me, at first.

also if you know anyone who has their own business could they go to the cash and carry for you? Chicken breasts were £18 for 5 kg the other day. We don't eat a lot of meat so I don't know if that is super cheap or just cheap. Ask around.

Anonymous said...

Yes so agree with you,I have just retired mainly because of ill health also my biggest luxury was time.Food here in Perth Australia is so expensive we have not had lamb for years mostly we have mince cheaper beef cuts eaten with mountains of veg or paste.At home like you we have a great veggie garden and chooks,apart from having eggs all the time we have no waste at all.I love reading you'r blog your cooking ideas are great.

Linda Metcalf said...

I went to the store yesterday and was very saddened by what I could afford. It has been ages since I have bought a beef roast...can't afford it any more. I bought a frozen turkey as this will feed us for several days. I'm diabetic so can't eat the cheapy white bread. It's almost to the point of whether I buy my medicine or food.

saraband said...

If you're cooking with cheese, the addition of a little mustard will make it taste like strong cheese.

Snitty Kitty said...

Mother Noah, that's true, thankfully.
FQ, we live in a very expensive area unfortunately.
Sol, chicken thighs are £8 per kilo, breasts £11.50, so it's a big difference.

Snitty Kitty said...

Anon & Linda, we are all in the same boat aren't we.

Sara, I'll give that a try.

Jo said...

We use the bacon misshapes too although our Asda has now stopped stocking them and I have to hunt for them. Our local butcher stocks them but they are way more expensive then Asda used to be so I tend to buy a pack in one of the other supermarkets if I'm there and if they happen to be in stock. Sometimes the packs have bacon chops in or small rashers and not just scraps so we can make a nice variety of meals with them.


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