Thursday, 29 May 2014

One down, two to go, with instructions & costs

I haven't used a pattern to make the dresses for my DGD's, I have a size chart that I googled & printed and I'm working from that.
I haven't seen the film but the images I've found show lots of different dresses, so I've gone for a sun dress style with the cape attached at the back, I'm hoping the pretty colour with a sparkly cape will fit the bill for the DGD's
I've made the dresses with ribbon ties at the back to save the expense & stress of trying to sew a zip into this nightmare fabric.
The dress is made entirely from rectangles:-
A large rectangle for the skirt, at least twice or three times the hip measurement maybe more, depending on the fabric used, mine is quite stiff, but if using a finer, more flowing fabric you could use more.
A rectangle for the bodice, the chest measurement plus seam allowance plus ease.
Two rectangles for the shoulder straps.
A rectangle for the cape, this is gathered & attached to the back of the bodice along the shoulder straps.

The fabric cost £25 for 4 mts of the blue &  3 mts of the sparkly. I've made one dress age 9, one age 6 & one age 4. I have enough fabric left to make another dress age 6 & I've only used about half the sparkly fabric.


Angela said...

Brilliant! My earlier disney frock had buttons and loops - but last week's had squares of velcro[which is what they use in the disney shop!]Zips take too much time and money AND the princess's flowing golden tresses get stuck!!

I love your creations - blessings x

Linda said...

Lucky granddaughter's, I bet they will be thrilled with their beautiful dresses. Linda xx

jill said...

Lovely! The sundress is a good choice and the cape fabric works so well I can see the little ones floating all about!
They will be entranced...

Carol said...

The dress looks very pretty and a good idea with the ties.

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