Monday, 2 June 2014

Groundhog day

I arrived at work just before 7am & as usual, after a holiday, two machines were down & one was struggling, I managed to resuscitate one of them & do a temporary repair on one, I called the engineer out to the third. The engineer arrived promptly, & managed to get all the machines working to a degree though one has only limited functionality. It was non-stop busy all day, so the day passed quickly, just as well as I didn't leave until 4pm.
DD phoned to tell me that Eileen wore her Frozen dress to the library & the Dr's & shed glitter everywhere profusely.
I came across a novel form of contraception in the local petrol station this afternoon. I was filling my car up with petrol when another car drew up to another pump, the driver immediately opened the car door & let his two children, aged around 2 & 5 out of the car to run around the petrol pumps & across to the kiosk & back, this is a really busy petrol station with 14 pumps & most were in use. How neither child was injured was a miracle & mainly down to the quick reactions of the driver who managed to drive around the running children. The stupidity of some parents amazes me!


Paid in Chickens said...

I'm so pleased the kids love their dresses. I've never seen anyone stoopid enough to let their kids run round a petrol station EVER!

MidSuffolkMeadow said...

Just wondering what happened at work about the mugs?? I remember a few months ago you posted to say you had brought loads home with you in case people had not claimed them but were hoping that the powers that be would eventually allow them back??

I agree about the stupidity of some parents - a petrol station with kids running around?? It's enough to give someone a heart attack!

Linda said...

It never ceases to amaze me on a daily basis some of the things that parents allow them to do which are just downright dangerous! It's great to hear that the dresses are a success. Linda xxx

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - I see the same thing happening in restaurants - parents arrive and the next thing you know children are running around as though it's a playground and the poor waiters are dodging kids and trying not to spill pots of coffee on them or fall over them.

Love the dresses - but I have a feeling you are going to be finding hat glitter for the next year!

Anonymous said...

Glitter I think is a lot like sand from kids sand pits just gets every where,but they love playing with them so much that it's something you happily deal with. Jo

Pam said...

The only thing about glitter that gets to me is finding it lots of nooks and crannies when I get out of bed. How it gets in the bed is anybodies guess. There is none here so far but that is because Kaitlyn has not been here yet.