Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lovely Saturday

DGD stayed last night, this morning we did some sewing & some baking, I took her home around lunch time.
In the garden, we have indoor & outdoor tomatoes ripe, tomorrow we will have HG cabbage, rubber beans & potatoes with our lunch.
I'm trying not to think about work though I'm still not sleeping well, I've had a couple of Nana naps this afternoon.
I've written 2 more stories for the Light & Shade challenge, one for each prompt, I'm really enjoying writing, it keeps my mind busy.

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rachfishop said...

Sorry to hear about the bother at work. I'm an HR Manager so can't resist the chance to wade in with unsolicited suggestions, sorry :-) You should have the chance to comment on the appraisal. If not, you can send them a very nice and factual letter saying that you're concerned about the appraisal and outlining the positive things that you have done for them, the challenges you've had in delivering in your job (you've mentioned a few of them here), your health challenges and that you're not sleeping as a result of the appraisal. Not to start anything, just for the record :-) Obviously not mentioning any problems that you have with any individual or suggesting that any individual might be to blame / less than competent, or anything else that could be used against you. Ask for a copy to be stored on your file and then ask HR for a quiet chat (I'm guessing you'll have one somewhere at the council?) Good luck and as someone else said don't let the barstewards grind you down.

And the twins are gorgeous, hope your DD is getting some sleep...


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