Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Roll on 10pm

My fingers ache all the way to my elbows & my ankles & knees are on fire.
I took DGS to an afternoon activity & then returned him home, we had to walk part of the way as there had been a car accident & the road was closed. No one was injured & only one car was involved, it's a quiet residential road, but somehow someone had rolled their car on to it's roof, I assume they were going too fast.
At 10 I shall collect my L&M from work, once home I shall take some painkillers & go to bed!
I worked 7:30 'til 5, my L&M from 12 'til 10 we are both knackered.


Lyssa Medana said...

Hope you feel better soon WS xxx

Snitty Kitty said...

Better today, thanks


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