Saturday, 7 June 2014

I'm not clever but I'm ugli

I've had a lovely if exhausting few days. Thursday after work I was asked to step in as a local pub quiz team was short handed, I joined them & we won! The team were delighted & credited me with being responsible for the win.
I'm not spectacularly clever but whilst a lot of people could answer the TV questions & the sports questions, I often know the weirdest facts. The questions I answered that no one else knew were:- 
Who invented the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?
What is cilantro known as in the UK?
Who, in history, allegedly had a vestigial finger?
What fruit was created by hybridising grapefruit, orange & tangerine?
We won by 4 points & we were the only team to answer those 4 questions.

It was a good evening & it took my mind off my Dr's appointment on Friday morning. I didn't get home 'til after 11:30 on Thursday & was up about 5 in the morning, my L&M was on the early shift last week.
The Dr's appointment was ok, 2 more  referrals, one to audiology as I mentioned that I was trouble hearing conversations, he checked my ears, there was no sign of wax or infection, but he said my ear drums look a bit motheaten, that made me laugh. 

Friday after work I took DGD Norah to Gym club, then both Norah & Eileen came for a sleepover. Thanks to my L&M playing Hide & Seek & Scary Monsters the girls were hyper & giggly & it was gone 10 before the little buggers fell asleep & then only after I'd gone in, read them the riot act & threatened a withdrawal of treats if they didn't behave. Because we both have child protection training at work & also because of dealing with the DGC's who are LAC, we are very careful when we play, my L&M will never hide with the DGC's, he will hide them in a wardrobe or cupboard & he will hide elsewhere, or he hides & the girls & I look for him.

Eileen woke at 1:30 needing the toilet & and again at 3 as she couldn't find her blankie, both times she went straight back to sleep, unfortunately I had a sneezing fit just after 3 & came downstairs 'til 5:30, at 6:50 she's bouncing up & down at my bedroom door, saying 'I'm awake Nana, can we do cooking now'. I persuaded her to wait 'til we'd taken my L&M & then my DD to work.

We started cooking about 9:30, we made 12 iced cakes with Disney toppers & 12 blueberry muffins. The cooking was accompanied by music as I was stupid enough to by Eileen a whistle & it took way longer to clear up after the cooking than it did to make & ice the cakes. We also did some sewing, we made a mini version of the Frozen dress for a cloth doll that Norah & I made a few weeks ago.

After I dropped the girls home & collected hubby from work I managed to get 3 loads of washing dry, retouched my roots to hide the grey & had a much needed Nana nap.


Retro Wren said...

Bless your heart. You work so hard! I'm so pleased you've had a good few days. Xx

Linda said...

From one nana to another - I know the feeling! But, priceless isn't it? Wouldn't be without them for the world! (It's nice to give them back to their parents too though isn't it?) Linda xxx

rachfishop said...

That sounds like an ideal day! I have teenagers now so they don't like to do that kind of thing any more, and fingers crossed no grandkids on the way just yet :-)

Life at Number 38 said...

I feel shattered just reading that. You most definitely deserved your Nana nap. Sounds lots of fun though. xx

Janet said...

I only need to look at the grandchildren these days and I need a 'nana nap'. Love them to bits but they have enoug energy to stun an elephant


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