Thursday, 12 June 2014

Up to my arse in alligators

But still paddling hard.
Legal action is being considered with regards to MIL's poor treatment.
There is 'stuff' going on at work that means I'm extra busy, I've also been asked to cover another job for an hour a day, I'm looking forward to this as it will be interesting.
DS visited yesterday, it was lovely to see him but during our conversation he reminded me that my car will not pass it's MOT this year, there is nothing new wrong with the car, but a change in rules mean that a broken sensor that hasn't constituted a fail before now, will mean a fail this year.
This isn't that important in the great scheme of things, my L&M & I are both due some small amounts of money from various places soon & we could buy another car. Unfortunately we don't get the money until August, so how do we manage for 8 weeks with MIL being terminally ill & the only way to get to her is via a 2 & half hour bus journey & a 20 minute walk each way!
We've looked into a bank loan, but they will only lend us the money over a long period so they can make lots of money in interest, it's a dilemma, I'll let you know if I come up with an answer!


Anonymous said...

Can your MIL be placed in a hospice care facility that is closer to your home? So sorry she is terminal.
Take care
Barb in USA

Frugal Queen said...

Keep swimming lovely xxxx even if it is against the tide xxx

Frugal Queen said...

Keep swimming lovely xxxx even if it is against the tide xxx

Julee Gray said...

Can you ask the MacMillan nurses if they know of any help with transport costs or ask the council for a crisis loan.

I'm sure I read on a MSE that someone got a crisis loan of the council as they deal with them now. I may be wrong but maybe someone will come along who does know for sure xx

Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Ask the Macmillan nurses. They can be incredibly helpful and some districts have a generous pot with which to help people.
Good Luck with it all

Snitty Kitty said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, MIL is still at home for now, but is near the rest of the family, we are the ones further away.

lah2563 said...

Hi Sue, could be worth hiring a car for the short term. We do this occasionally for holidays etc. works out so much cheaper. Hope things become easier soon xx

Diane Cooper said...

How about a credit union? Would they be able to help?
Thinking of you and your family xxx

Anonymous said...

You badly need transport so borrow the money over the longer period and then make the biggest over-payments you can afford to minimise the interest. I have just done this to fund buying a bassoon. The loan was for 5 years and I repaid it in 6 months. I got the low interest rate and no penalties.


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