Sunday, 29 June 2014


Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to make some suggestions.
Sorry to hear about the bother at work. I'm an HR Manager so can't resist the chance to wade in with unsolicited suggestions, sorry :-) You should have the chance to comment on the appraisal. I did comment on my last appraisal, but my comments were perceived as me being dissatisfied with my appraisal and none of my points were agreed with .If not, you can send them a very nice and factual letter saying that you're concerned about the appraisal and outlining the positive things that you have done for them, the challenges you've had in delivering in your job (you've mentioned a few of them here), your health challenges and that you're not sleeping as a result of the appraisal. When I pointed out some of the challenges I face in my job, I was told they were of my own making and that if I did my job correctly I wouldn't have any problems. Where my health is concerned, the suggestion is that I leave if I cannot cope. Not to start anything, just for the record :-) Obviously not mentioning any problems that you have with any individual or suggesting that any individual might be to blame / less than competent, or anything else that could be used against you. Ask for a copy to be stored on your file and then ask HR for a quiet chat We have an HR person, but like the Union rep, is no help when there are problems. (I'm guessing you'll have one somewhere at the council?) Good luck and as someone else said don't let the barstewards grind you down.
This time I haven't made any comments in my defense and have only commented to point out a few mistakes. I think I need to consider taking legal advice in the near future.


Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - I think legal action might be something to prepare for. And I would make sure to document everything (ie conflicting orders, abuse by students, machinery breaking down etc.) I would also bring up the possibility of age discrimination with a lawyer as it sounds as though that could be a part of their strategy to wear you down.
Not sure what your benefits situation is through your work but is there any possibility of taking long term disability leave given your medical challenges? Or again, could a lawyer make a case for discrimination based on a disability?
It must be terribly frustrating for you and exhausting considering all you have been through in the last year. Hang in there - but do consider speaking with a lawyer if possible.

markdebby said...

Sue, I think margie above has some good ideas. Keep a daily record always and seek lawyer advice. They are doing their best to bring you down. Head high and stay strong and don't let them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree about seeking legal advice. Your union should be able to provide you with legal advice but as they don't seem to be helpful, then go elsewhere. I agree with the poster above-there seems to be a real push to make you give up your job. I hope you can endure the next few weeks until the summer break-you are being bullied and it's awful that no one is helping you. I understand as someone who was seldom off work why you don't want to go off sick, but perhaps for you physical and mental wellbeing you need to think about asking your doctor to sign you off with workplace stress. I'm glad you have your husband and family to brighten your life. Catriona

rachfishop said...

Sorry to hear about all that :-( The Citizen's Advice Bureau is very good at free legal advice btw. And I second / third the advice to keep a log of the problems.

Even if management / HR seem unresponsive, a trail of documentation showing that you have raised issues with them really will make them pause for thought.

Next time I go to one of my HR area meetings I'll be expecting dagger stares from the council HR bod LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh good luck,I don't have any advice but keeping you in my thoughts.Jo

Anonymous said...

Omg not much comes close to misery and stress when there is crap going on at work


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