Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Today's haul

I went foraging again this morning & this time I got some field mushrooms, I got more but ate some before I took the photo. Please don't pick mushrooms unless you know what you are doing, I have picked these from the same place for a while now & was shown them by an experienced picker.

  Loads of elderberries, I have a recipe for a cordial that uses cloves & nutmeg, it's lovely in hot water if you have a cough or cold.
 And finally, more black berries, so today I will be making, bramble jam, apple & blackberry crumble & also blackberry vodka, hic! I did get strange looks in the local shop going in & just buying sugar & vodka!


Irene Holland said...

Nothing can compare with the glow of satisfaction one gets from gathering free food. Look for apples and pears also. If you ask, those who have an abundance of fruit in their gardens will most often allow you to pick it as they can't be bothered, even total strangers. We repay their sharing attitude by taking them a gift of whatever preserve/beverage Hubs or I make, as a token of thanks. We are always invited back for the following year. Wishing you good and happy gathering!

Frugal Queen said...

Blackberry vodka is fab

Linda Metcalf said...

Nothing like collecting fresh fruit and veg. I love Blackberries but they are very expensive to buy even at the Farmers Market. Nothing better than Blackberry Jam!

kate steeper said...

my gran used to make elderberry port , that she always claimed was cough mixture. It didnt cure your cough but you slept well