Sunday, 10 August 2014


Friday evening we had friends over for a meal, it went fairly well, the guest who only eats chicken nuggets was unable to attend so I didn't have to worry about the food. At one point the conversation turned to cleaning & became very competitive, as neither of the other guests work they have plenty of spare time to clean, I took no part as I don't regard cleaning as a hobby!
I have lots of leftover cheese & an assortment of other stuff including bread to use up, I shall work my way through them all over the next couple of days.

We had 2 of the grandchildren to stay from 10ish  Saturday morning until 11ish this morning. They were very good but I'm taking it easy now they've gone. we played with loom bands & did some gardening in the morning. We collected my L&M from work & we went to a local child friendly pub for lunch where both children ate an adult sized main course & pudding. They eat so nicely, long gone are the days when they fell on food & tore at it with bare hands. They have realised that they will not be going hungry any more. Once home & with my L&M here, I was somewhat surplus to requirements as he is the star attraction, last weekend he taught them to play chess  this week he taught them both to play backgammon.  We then a movie night, I made popcorn & we watched a film. 
I had a disturbed night, with constant complaints 'I can't sleep' 'I'm too hot' 'I've got tummy ache' 'I need a drink'. No, not the children, it was my L&M, having problems sleeping!
DGS has strict instructions not to leave his bedroom until 6, but when I got up at 5:15 to go to the loo, his stuck his head round my door to tell me he was hungry, I made him breakfast, pancakes, his favourite, he had another breakfast at 7 when his sister got up, they both had pancakes & another breakfast, scrambled egg & bacon at 9:30 when my L&M got up. At 8 we took the leftover bread & went to feed the ducks, it was overcast when we set off but halfway there the heavens opened, still the ducks didn't mind & came over for the bread, we arrived home soaked & the DGC got back into their pyjamas. DD arrived about 11 to collect the children. Later this week I have the twins as DD is taking all the older children to Legoland.


Lyssa Medana said...

It sounds marvellous, but loombands! They are getting everywhere. You are brilliant to those kids. WS xxx

jill said...

Three breakfasts..what fun for them!
My youngest sister was like that....a happy little Hobbit.
It is wonderful they get to have grandparent time.
I never got to know mine as they had died very early on.

Hard up Hester said...

Lyssa, All the grandchildren seem to love loom bands, even the boys.
Jill, they have contact with their parents but none with their grandparents, so we try to fill the gap.

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