Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Ye gods & little fishes

My daughter visited a local attraction recently & whilst there she saw something that upset her, a mother treating a child very badly.
My daughter tried to intervene & was sworn & spat at, she called on-site security, they were reluctant to get involved.
My daughter then rang her social worker who got in contact with social services in the area she was visiting, and explained that my daughter was more than capable of telling the difference between a frazzled mum at the end of her tether & actual child abuse.
My daughter phoned the police.
Social services phoned the local attraction & requested that the on-site security did get involved.
Social services also phoned the police in case they hadn't taken my daughters call seriously.
The mother was arrested & the child taken to a place of safety.
My daughter may have to go to court as a witness.
My daughter had 7 children with her, but couldn't ignore a child in need.


hazzy said...

That was brave and very impressive. Especially as she did not give up. Hopefully they will get the help they obviously need.

jill said...

A big thank you to your daughter and to her social worker who was willing to go outside of her area to support and verify your daughter's expertise.
May the mother and child both get the help and support they need.

Angela said...

agreeing with hazzy and jill xx

Anonymous said...

Well done to you're girl,most people are to scared to help any body she seems a lot like you.Jo

Lyssa Medana said...

Your daughter is a hero - quite genuinely. WS xxx

Caterina said...

I am truly impressed. Well done your daughter!

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