Friday, 29 August 2014

Trouble at mill

Irene, it does read as though my L&M was being selfish, but I could have put anything I wanted in the trolley, I didn't as the freezer is stuffed full of non-pork items.

I went to bed last night anticipating a good nights sleep, unfortunately Network Rail had other ideas, there were repairs being carried out on the railway line so lots of noise for a few hours during the night.

And now another moan about the ex, my DD's hubby went into business with the ex a while back, I knew it would all end in tears & it has!
He has buggered around trying to screw SIL over with his wages, but SIL has found another job, it just remains to be seen what the ex try's next to regain control.


jill said...

Oh, it didn't seem like L&M was selfish at all! It sounded like an adults version of stickers and gummi bears spree to me! He was relaxed having a often does he get to do that?!

So sorry for SIL and the job issues. It's amazing just how long one toxic person can continue to spew his venom (says she, thinking of her own family)
I wish them well.

Irene Holland said...

I stand corrected. Wishing you well.

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