Thursday, 14 August 2014

Work, money, food & other crap

I went to work yesterday, as arranged to do a job that can't be done until next week, hey ho, I'll go back next week & do it then! I got another job done instead so it wasn't a totally wasted day.
We have the twins today & then I'm hoping for a few child free days to get some sewing done.
As I'm now drawing my pension I have been given a new tax code, I wonder how well our payroll provider will cock it up, I've worked out approximately what my take home will be, I certainly don't expect it to be correct to start with.
Hubby is celebrating his birthday next month & suggested another buffet with the same group of friends, I then discovered that there was nothing on the table that another of the guests would eat. There were 4 types of meat, 7 different cheeses, 3 vegetarian options, 3 dips, 2 types of bread, crackers, crisps, salads & crudites. If we do it again, I might as well go to Maccy D's & buy 8 kids meals & have done with it!
I managed to use up the last of the beetroot to make some beetroot chutney, it is a beautiful colour.


Irene Holland said...

Let that particular guest go hungry then, or suggest that they bring their own food.

Kim said...

Why not have a 'bring something to the table' buffet - he/she/they can please themselves then!

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - When did being a good hostess become so complicated? My philosophy is to accommodate any life threatening allergies (otherwise, you're an adult - figure it out or ask) and I include myself when I'm the guest - I ask if I'm unsure, I wear my medic alert bracelet and I carry my epi pen with me - my health is my responsibility.
I provide a variety of food - especially if I know I have included vegetarians - but I'm not a short order cook - if you're that fussy then bring your own or stay home - it's getting to be ridiculous! Good luck.

Hard up Hester said...

Irene & Margie, I agree with you both, we are considering a way forward & may suggest a takeaway next time so they can order their own meal.
Kim, that's a good idea.

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