Thursday, 23 October 2014

Death by toenail & a companionable evening

My L&M is not a good patient, he isn't a patient patient, he doesn't watch TV, he does read his kindle but mostly he likes to be busy either at work or in the garden.

His lack of patience makes him irritable, bad tempered & inclined to nit pick, so far I have refrained from killing him but I'm not sure how long this will last.

We have had a a pleasant evening though, we were sat side by side on the sofa each looking at our favourite porn catalogues.
I have the Lakeland catalogue & my L&M has the Selco catalogue, each to his own!


Icey said...

We call the Lakeland catalogue "Kitchen Porn" in our house too :)

Hard up Hester said...

For us it started with hubby's visits to B&Q, he would spend hours it there so I started calling it tool porn, which sounds even ruder, lol.

lynda said...

My friend moved in with her partner last year. His sister told her to keep a pillow handy at all times. Joan questioned why, and his sister said it was in case he was driving her crazy, she could smother him..he is still alive, but barely!

rachfishop said...

Haha, yes Lakeland catalogue = mummyporn.

My DH prefers Screwfix to Selco. Sounds rude :-)

Hard up Hester said...

Lol, men!

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