Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Triple shit day

1) I've spent three days using the guillotine almost nonstop, today I finally got to the end of the job only to be told there is an item missing so the job will be scrapped. I've basically wasted three days because someone forgot to order something!

2) I spent an entertaining half an hour trying to explain to a TA that I couldn't print email attachments when all she had was a paper copy of the email!
I explained 4 or 5 times that I needed her to forward the email to me, she was unwilling or unable to do so.

3) I had to use my lunch break taking my L&M to the Dr's to get signed off, I don't mind, it's a two bus journey for him otherwise. But I ended the day with a thumping headache as I didn't get my lunch.


Zoe said...

No.2 - That TA will go far - I had the same with a university lecturer who lost the plot because I hadn't copied the handout that he had TAKEN HOME!

Anonymous said...

Started off the day with an email from my sister saying the rehab facility we just put our 87 year old dad in for 10 days called her at 12 midnight and said that our dad had died! She said Mr. Simon has passed sister yells that is NOT my dad's name. OMG. SO yes there are stupid people all over the world. The nurse said, I'll call you back. Never did...
Saw dad today, he was ok. I just love your tales of idiotic people you meet at your job and in your neighborhood. SO I thought I would share.
Barb in Pennsylvania USA

Hard up Hester said...

In the great scheme of things none of it was important but as you say the sheer stupidity is just too entertaining not to share.

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