Sunday, 5 October 2014

Whistle Blower or Shit Stirrer

I'm all for whistle blowing if it means the vulnerable are protected, but sometimes it's just an excuse for petty spite & tale telling.
We've had one of those horrible emails round at work, you know the sort that say 'It has been brought to my attention that some members of staff are spending too much time on their mobile phones/internet'
I rarely use my mobile at work, but does than mean someone has reported me for the call I received from DD asking me to collect the DGC from school as she was in hospital, or for the call I received from the engineer to tell me he was on his way to repair one of my machines, or is it aimed at someone else? I hate the vagueness of this sort of email I'd rather I was told directly if I'd been reported. That way I could defend myself if necessary.
But then we've also had 3 recent incidences where people have been reported for 'alleged misconduct' no proof has been provided but people have been 'spoken to'. Along the lines of 'it has been alleged that 3 weeks ago you were doing xxxxx' Me? I can't remember what I was doing yesterday, never mind 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure which is worse, either way it makes for an unhappy workforce.


Linda Metcalf said...

I remember these emails when I was working and everyone in our office being upset. As you say go to the responsible person and settle it!

Pam said...

We had a similar situation while I was at work. The entire department went to see the area manager and asked to have it sorted there and then. She waffled on and we asked for HR to be called in, the HR department stepped in and found that it was a ploy from our manager to divide and control.

homefire said...

867Oh how I hate those e-mails, or more precisely notes left by the supervisor in my workplace. We usually all know who the person/or persons involved. The notes are addressed to everyone not the person involved. Very unsettling and unnecessary. Hate that feeling of looking over my shoulder. Just tell me if I've miss stepped! Easy and more conducive to a good working environment!

veeknits19 said...

Very unsettling, from my experience I agree with Pam, it's a strategy to divide & rule.Keep doing things like this & no one knows who they can trust, it makes a very unsettled work force. Vee x

Anonymous said...

One of those emails was sent round my old place of work because somebody very, very senior was looking up porn on the works computer.

Hard up Hester said...

I agree, it is a divide & conquer tactic. Lol, about the porn, made me laugh