Thursday, 2 October 2014

I'm with her

Well my last post seems go have struck a chord with some people, Irene, I think I'd have to dig a hole & fill it after me to avoid people like this. I seem to be surrounded by them at work & in my neighbourhood.

As I've said, I'm pootling through making a quilt or two, I'm also crocheting a baby blanket, as always I'm doing both of these on the cheap. Mean Queen reposted a comment someone left on her blog about her quilting & how she used scraps & leftovers to make her quilts, they found this less intimidating than some blogs that list a scary & expensive amount of equipment & fabric needed before a single thread is cut.
Like Froogs I use a decent batting, I won't use polyester wadding because it threads, but for fabric, apart from some that was gifted to me I'm using old shirts & skirts & for my crochet baby blanket I'm using odd & scraps given to me.


Irene Holland said...

You have my sympathy. People like this can raise ones blood pressure, but you seem to be a very tolerant body. Crafting always helps.

Linda Metcalf said...

The best kind of quilts! I have an olden aunt who made all her nieces and nephews a quilt using our old cast aside was so much fun to look at the pieces that aroused so many memories.


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