Saturday, 11 October 2014

Every Bloody Time

I received an prescription reminder via email, so I logged on to my surgery website & placed an order for a repeat prescription, it says to allow 48 hours before collecting the prescription, I left it 3 days.

I attended the surgery to collect my prescription, they could find no trace of it, this happens every time, 6 times in all & counting. They asked when I had requested the prescription as they could find no trace of my request.

I explained that I'd emailed my request & told them the date, they checked the system & sure enough, there was my request, and it had been marked as prescription printed. Another rummage in the box, but still no sign of my prescription, they then went through all the outstanding prescriptions & finally found mine, out of order, as usual.

Then I walked to the pharmacy & handed in my prescription, it would be about 20 minutes, as always, did I want to wait or come back later. I opted to return later, visited my daughter for half an hour & then I returned to the pharmacy to collect my medication. No sign of it, no trace of me putting the prescription in & no packet of pills for me to collect. I explained that I had left the prescription about 30 minutes before, another rummage in another box & eventually my prescription turned up, marked 'FILLED'. A few minutes frantic searching & my medication eventually  turned up. 

This happens in the Dr's surgery & the pharmacy every single time, every month for the last 6 months. I can't decide if it because my surname can also be used as a first name, or if none of the staff know their alphabet.


Justine said...

I'd change my surgery and chemist! Nightmare I hope you gave the a piece if your mind!

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - My pharmacy is fine but at the moment I think the Cardiology Dept. is trying to drive me crazy. I have "White Coat Syndrome" so when I go in for my checkup my BP is always sky high to start - it comes down by the end of the appt. but every few years they have me wear a 24 monitor just to be sure.
I booked my appt. for a couple of weeks ago and even before I got there I had received both wrong info and no info. I arrived for my appt. - got set up and left the hospital. Nothing seemed to be happening and by the time I got home realized that the tubing had come lose from the digital reader. If I held it in place it worked but the minute I let it go it popped out. I called in and was told to come back the next day - although they didn't sound as though they believed me. Arrived back early the next morning where they confirmed that the machine wasn't working - they fitted me out with a new machine and sent me off. I was pretty sure this wasn't working either as the cuff never inflated and sure enough, a few days later I got a call saying only one reading had registered - could I call to make another appt. I have now done so - however, I have still received two more messages asking me to call in to make an appt.! I think cardiology is trying to drum up business by putting my BP thru the roof!

Hard up Hester said...

Justine, I changed Dr's recently as my previous one was a nightmare, the Dr's here are good, I think the receptionists are struggling to master their email system.

Margie, what a nightmare for you.

Linda Metcalf said...

I have some sort of mess every time I pick up meds. Five persons working there and never anything done the way I check every bit when I get home. In case they've given me something I should never have :)

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