Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cheap & Cheerful

We like to eat home made soup at least once a week and I often make a batch to use for lunch, it's cheap & filling especially if I can use our own veg but even with bought veg it's still a cheap meal.
It's taken me a while to convince my L&M to try home made soup, but now he likes it.

I make all my soups the same way, I start by softening some chopped onion in a little oil or butter & then add the other ingredients.

Here are some of my most used recipes.

Simple soup, one onion, one carrot & one potato, one of the cheapest.

Leek & potato is hubby's favourite, we grow leek & potatoes.

Roasted tomato & red pepper, again very cheap when the ingredients are home grown.

Mushroom if I can get a punnet of mushrooms cheap enough, usually I pay about 40p

Broccoli & Stilton is my favourite, I use broccoli stalks & any cheese I have as long as some of the cheese is Stilton, I make it after Christmas as I usually have some cheese leftover from a cheese board.

Today I tried Kings soup, leek & oatmeal, the recipe can be found on Elaine's blog, Mortgage free in Three

I'm also going to make some Cullen Skink as I think hubby would like it, I use the BBC recipe.


jill said...

Another soup lover here..
I make two kinds a week. I especially like it for breakfast in the winter.. very warming and filling.
I liked the King's soup as well and will keep a look out for some smoked fish to try the Cullen Skink...sounds like something I would really enjoy.

Helen Graham said...

I was bought one of those jug-style soupmakers for my birthday this year and it's been one of the best pressies I ever received. I use it at least twice a week and it's been great for my diet. One of my faves is carrot, sweet potato and lentil with a hint of chilli for a bit of heat.

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