Sunday, 26 October 2014

What fecking time do you call this

My poor L&M is still struggling, because of his sore toes & having to squeeze them into shoes for the wedding he's altered his gait. This has triggered the arthritis in his ankles & worsened the pain of his plantar fasciitis. He having great difficulty in getting around so obviously I'm helping him where ever I can, last night I got up a couple of times to help him get to the loo & get him some more painkillers.
At 4:15am I could hear the click click click of the lodger's claws as he paced the floor, he often moves from room to room during the night, but this was different he was pacing to & fro. I got up to check he was OK & he had his legs crossed, so I came downstairs to let him out in the garden. Usually he's reluctant to use the garden as a toilet but I was hoping this time he would as I really didn't want to have to get dressed & take him for a walk this early in the morning! He shot out into the garden to relieve himself, after reassuring him that he'd been a good boy, I made a cuppa & took it up for hubby, the lodger followed me upstairs & went straight back to sleep! 
Me? I'm wide awake, I've hung washing on the line & unloaded the dishwasher!


Wean said...

Your lodger has claws and relieves himself in the garden ??

Hard up Hester said...

My current lodger has 4 legs & a waggy tail.

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