Sunday, 19 October 2014

People are strange

On Friday evening I listened whilst a neighbour told a long and exciting story about something dramatic that had happened to her husband in a local car park the previous day. The story included police & ambulances & other exciting embellishments.

But it was a pack of lies, I was there for the duration, I saw her husband arrive, I saw him leave. He obviously didn't see me, nothing happened, I know this for a fact. There were no police, no ambulance, no heroic acts.

I don't know if the neighbour is lying, or if her husband lied to her, maybe their life is so boring they have to make up tales of daring & excitement.

I didn't say anything, I just looked suitably vacant & then said goodbye.


Carol said...

Makes you wonder what the husband was really up to.

cumbrian said...

Some strange people.

50 and counting said...

Sounds like he was MIA for a while and made up quite the story.

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