Saturday, 19 December 2015

An ordinary day

Just an ordinary day here, it started with me netting a corpse out of the fish tank. Then I scrabbled under the TV stand to find the remote control my DGD had lost there.
We have visited the crem to look at plaques, I'm not keen, the garden of remembrance is scruffy and poorly kept. 
I really don't want to have to drive over there every week to keep an area of it tidy.
Hubby saw a plaque he liked, it's £800 his mum would be horrified, I will be talking it over with hubby tomorrow,see if we can find a compromise. 


kate steeper said...

Must admit when my father died my dear brother wanted a plaque , but he got outvoted when we said what would dad say .....sod that , let the sqirrels shit on me for that price

Life at Number 38 said...

I really feel these sort of prices just take advantage of people's emotions. Tom would have said "you're bl***y mad if you u pay that". I hope you find something you're all happy with Hester. xx

Marlene jones said...

That's the reason I tell the kids to scatter my ashes on the compost heap, I get to one last chance to give something back.

Irene Holland said...

I have told mine to spend their money on the living who need it, not the dead who most definitely don't. That is what our parents told us.

Mim said...

I know what you mean about some cemeteries being neglected.

My parents both have their ashes scattered at a local crematorium (Henley Rd, Reading) and I was horrified by the state of the gardens of remembrance when I was last there, bare,barren and sterile. Would never have scattered them in such a barren horrible place if I had known what state it would get in. I was assured at the time of the last scattering that they were going to improve the gardens but nothing has happened to date. Plus the plaque is only valid for 10 years and then you have to pay again.

My in-laws are scattered/buried near Winchester and the cemetery is well kept, green and almost uplifting to visit.

saraband said...

Would you consider scattering the ashes somewhere in an area of importance to the family? That way, there would be no grave that needed tending yet there would still be a special area of significance for those left behind. I want my ashes scattered on the North Downs overlooking the town where we live. If some kind of permanent memorial is desired, how about a park bench bearing the deceased's details?