Thursday, 10 December 2015

Getting to grips

With the diet, I finally made it back to Slimming World today, I have put on 3lb, considering what life has been like for the last few weeks I'm very pleased.
I'm back on track and mostly on plan.

With Christmas, I'm not trimming up, I used to, I love all the glitter and sparkle, but my L&M hates it and his constant whinging has worn me down.
I've ordered my fruit and veg from the local farm and my meat from the local butchers.
I have bought most of my Christmas presents, just my L&M left and I know what I'm getting, I just need to get it organised.

With the housework, the house is still tidy, once it was done I've kept on top of it.

With the finances, another lump sum paid off the mortgage this month. Another round of belt tightening next year to see how much extra we can pay off it next year. 

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Treaders said...

It's easier to stay on top of everything if you just keep plugging away at it rather than let it all to go hell in a handbasket isn't it. Well done on all you've achieved after such a horrible time you've been through. Anna

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