Wednesday, 23 December 2015

You can't have Christmas without a new.......

Well I finally succumbed, I've seen all the adverts telling me that my Christmas won't be a success  unless I refurnish my entire house ready for any passing visitors.

So today as soon as I'd dropped hubby at work I rushed to the local shopping centre to make my purchase.

Actually a friend mentioned that B&M had a lot of cake cases & sprinkles reduced, I get through a lot of both when the DGC visit as they love to bake. I stocked up with four tubs of cake cases, two packed of petit-four cases (ideal for making sweets) and 16 different types of sprinkles.

I also bought a new bath mat, I splashed hair dye on the cream one in the main bathroom & nothing would remove the stain. So I bought a lovely thick fluffy blue one, it cost £6.99. Cheaper than buying new furniture but just as nice.


Sheila said...

Oh poop........I've missed out on the baking stuff then as there is no way I am going into town tomorrow.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas-x-

Sue in Suffolk said...

Have a wonderful sprinkly Christmas!

Linda Metcalf said...

Isn't it great that a small purchase can brighten everything...I bought a new area rug for the living room on Tuesday and it brightens the room and my spirits! Have a very happy holiday!