Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Another payment,

Another month off the mortgage term.

The mortgage company, of course, had to play silly buggers once again. 

Last time I made an overpayment, I was told I had to pay £500, any other amount would only reduce the monthly payments and not the term.

Today I phoned to make a payment of £500 and was told that any such payment would only reduce the monthly payment and not the term.

Cue a conversation through gritted teeth, the chosen amount this month it seems is £562.09 exactly.

A payment of £562.10 would also only reduce the month............... You get my drift by now I'm sure!

Barring any unexpected bills, we may be able to make another payment next month, depending on whatever exact amount is needed by then.


Marlene jones said...

They are a law unto themselves.

TrishWish said...

These customer service lines need to be abroad so they cant hear the screaming don't they? We usually write a letter to their managing director/complaints at this point and email what ever OFtCom type regulator is in their industry - sometimes it pays off to tell the idiots they are idiots.

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