Friday, 25 December 2015

Sleep and the lack thereof.

My L&M wanted to buy me a go pro camera for Christmas, I think he wanted to put in in the car!
No bloody chance, he witters and whinges throughout every journey when he is in the car with me. The last thing I need is him recording all the journeys I do alone and then critiquing them afterwards!

My L&M is still having trouble sleeping so is listening to sleep music, he tried  sleeping in headphones but nearly strangled himself. 

So he tried playing the music through his phone, hanging the phone from the bed head. Unfortunately he is so deaf that he needs the music quite loud, put it this way, I can even  hear it in the bathroom when I get up in the night!

In the hopes of getting some peace I bought him a speaker pillow , no good he can't hear the music through the pillow (I can)!

So it's back to hanging the phone from our metal bed head.

Last night the problems were twofold, firstly my L&M was restless so as he tossed and turned the phone was swinging around and every time it hit one of the metal bars it went BONG!

Secondly the new pieces of music our SIL downloaded has bells on it, so every few minutes after a few long drawn out notes the phone plays a very loud 'TING'.

I used to have recordings of some Bach that was very relaxing to listen to, but I cannot remember what it was, I will try to track it down.

My beloved has now decided that the best thing would be some small speakers!!

Oh let joy be unconfined, hopefully if  he get decent speakers the music will be less distorted and easier to listen too.


Lyssa Medana said...

Was the Bach Air on a G String?

We have had noisy neighbours in the past and one of the things that helped was running the deumidifier so that the white noise/hum sort of cancelled things out.

DH has the radio on so that he can hear conversation but just too low to make out the words.

Mind you, if I can't sleep I try mentally measuring for curtains. I never get past the pattern repeat. Good luck! x

kate steeper said...

this has given my first laugh of xmas , i wonder if your other half and mine were hatched from the same egg , he also suggested a go pro and would also have used it to monitor and critique my driving . He needs the TV on all damned night so i have wax earplugs and constant exhaustion . his latest hobby CB radio has been suggested for the bedroom so he can have someone to talk to when he cant sleep , I think you can guess the answer to that one

Hard up Hester said...

Lyssa, thank you, I've tracked it down, hous on youtube yesterday, the piece I wanted is bach toccata and fugue in d minor. I used to plan a story to write when I was struggling to sleep, but I seem to have lost that ability at the moment.

Kate, they certainly do sound alike, I often think it when I read you blog, I'm glad it made you laugh, sometimes I post things that I find amusing and people don't get that side of it.

Linda Metcalf said...

I run a small fan nightly 365 days a year...can't sleep without it.

Hard up Hester said...

My grandson does that, he is 11, when he was a toddler he used to have nightmares about a scary duck!
I told him that all ducks and all other monsters are afraid of fans, as I said, he still has a fan running to this day.

Anonymous said...

There's lots of sleep/relaxation hypnosis on YouTube, I've found this is amazing if you are having trouble sleeping.

Anonymous said...

I feel silly asking, but what do the letters L&M stand for?

Hard up Hester said...

There is no such thing as a silly question, it stands for my Lord and Master, which is somewhat tongue in cheek as all the family joke about me wearing the trousers at home.

Jean said...

I came across a headband headphone on yesterday -- maybe that would work for L&M

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