Sunday, 6 December 2015


Our visitors didn't bring their child with them so that has made things a little easier.
Because they were waiting for child care they didn't arrive until very late, so I have had a nana nap today.
The house is still fairly tidy, so apart from the washing I'm having a lazy weekend.
My son was intending to visit but he has a lousy cold so he is staying home and keeping his germs to himself.
I feel very sorry for our visitors, they moved to Cornwall a few months ago at the wife's insistence. Her mother had already moved there last year and so they decided to follow.
So far, it isn't working out it, they are too far from the family to get any regular help with child care.
The job isn't turning out as expected, they live a 10 minutes from the coast but never go there.
They love Cornwall and the people but are missing other things.
Hubby & I are taking another look at our budget ready for the new year, nothing major, just a few tweaks to allow us to pay more of the mortgage each month.


Marlene jones said...

Just shows the grass is not always greener. Life is about how you live it rather than where.

Hard up Hester said...

So true Marlene, they wife is not so much a 'glass half empty' person, more 'a who's stolen my bloody glass' person. Nothing is ever right for her and it's always someone else's fault.

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