Monday, 28 December 2015

Today I am Leftovers Queen

All the turkey, ham & beef have been sliced and frozen in plastic containers.

The scraps of ham and turkey have been mixed together, I will add some mushrooms, onion and white sauce. I will cover it  with puff pastry to make a couple of pies and then freeze them.

The scraps of beef have been made into potted beef by adding some cooked onion, herbs and butter. 
I whizzed it all together and will serve it on toast.

The last three slices of french bread have gone through the whizzer and are bagged in the freezer, they will be used next time I make a lentil loaf.

Today I'm making bubble & squeak with the left over veg I will serve it with a fried egg and some pigs in blankets.


Marlene jones said...

I put stuffing on top of our pie rather than pastry, it's much tastier and half the calories.

thrift deluxe said...

That's a really good idea Marlene.

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - I mix the turkey and ham with some veg, in a cheese sauce and top with mashed potato.

Donna said...

Lentil loaf sounds lovely, Have you got a recipe for it please. My vegetarian daughter would like it. x

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