Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Managment

There are many different management styles, some work better than others.

Two of my four children work, or have worked in positions where they have been in charge of a team of people. They both received regular training to enable them to do their jobs.

When I had my own business I had people working for me.

I remember one of my employees criticising me for making tea for my staff. 
She felt this was beneath me as the boss. 
We worked as an assembly line but as I was constantly called away to deal with phone calls from suppliers and customers I couldn't be part of the assembly line. 
Therefore I made tea and sorted out any problems that arose etc.

We have a couple of teams at work where the management style is of the bullying kind. 
One person is chosen to be the scapegoat and then that person is harried and bullied mercilessly.  
This keeps the rest of the team in check as everyone is scared of being chosen as the next scapegoat.

Then there is the passive/aggressive type of management. I'm constantly in trouble for being bad tempered and negative, so my boss gave me a book entitled 'The little book of sunshine' a book of motivational sayings for people who have difficulty seeing the brighter side of life

Well considering what I am dealing with at the moment, plus one of my DD's has just had an emergency hospital referral, I sometimes think it's a miracle I'm still standing, never mind being sodding cheerful.


Life at Number 38 said...

I'd have wrapped that book around his/her head. Cheeky bugger. I had a fantastic boss at one job who wouldn't ask his staff to do anything he wasn't prepared to do himself. It's an ethos I've tried to follow and apply throughout everyday life, not just at work. Hope you daughter is OK. xx

Marlene jones said...

Working for a bully does not bring the best out in anyone, I was an area manager for Avon Cosmetics for 6 years, and one manager was a bully, our sales figure were 'keep your job targets', the manager did not last that long. As for making the tea when you are a boss, well done, it shows you are willing to do anything you ask them to do including ensuring they are well watered.

Anonymous said...

I worked in a big hotel and we had a director who was a nice man. When we were very busy he used to go into the kitchen remove his jacket ,roll up his sleeves and do the washing up !he wasn't a waiter or a chef and he didn't want to get in the way.At this time of year he was a godsend.
I do hope your daughter is ok,if only our children never got ill.
Wishing you a calm christmas .Liz

zoeoutside said...

Oh, yes. I once got hauled over the coals by my line manager for not having done something that I was completely unaware that I was supposed to do. I asked her to please remind me when it was decided that I should do it and when I was told.

"In the last staff meeting," I was told. "It's in the minutes!"

"Oh", said I, "the staff meeting that I'm too lowly to attend and/or be copied in on the minutes......?"

It was still my fault.


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