Sunday, 27 December 2015

How many no spend days

can I manage in January?

Well I have enough food to feed a small army, apart 

from leftover turkey, ham and beef, all cooked, sliced

and in the freezer I have minced beef, liver, a 

couple of pork chops and 3 or 4 packs of frozen white


I shall need bread soon, but that is all. We still have 

beetroot, leeks, cabbages and brussels in the garden.

Two of my DGD's have birthday's in January, I've 

already bought their gifts, Frozen dolls, £9 each, 

reduced from £27.

Hopefully I will managed at least 15 days when I 

don't spend anything, I'm not counting bills, they all 

come out on 1st of the month.

2 comments: said...

Let us look with hope into the future) I strongly believe that the provision of food from December will support us throughout the whole upcoming month. Happy New Year to everybody!)

Anonymous said...

From Margie in Toronto - I too have been busy using up the Christmas leftovers - I have turkey, ham, meat balls, sausage, quiche, minced beef and pork, meatloaf and salmon in the freezer and combined with what's in the pantry I shouldn't need to buy any meat or fish until mid-February at the earliest. I've also spent a couple of hours in the kitchen this evening cooking and freezing all the veggies still in the fridge that were starting to hit their BB time. Tomorrow night I'm going to sort through the freezer ans get it all organized. There have been lots of articles today about the cost of food going up about 5% over the next year here in Canada since our dollar has dropped in value due to the fall in oil prices so I don't want to waste anything!

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